5 Vintage Deutsche Auto Wartung und ReparaturTipps

Germany is known for its long history of producing high performance cars.

This means that cars often require a little more maintenance than most. With some hands and the proper care, you can lengthen your German car and live life.

Here is, you had to know if you care about your dream.

  1. HabenSieeingesundesSparkonto

No joke. The commitment to the Pflegedeutschen performance cars oftenoftausdempurse.

Parts and maintenance costs are the German authors, Mercedes and Audi are among the highest.

German vehicle manufacturers can now pay more than $ 1,500 per year (as in the same study referred to above). In the case of vehicles of high mileage, this can be increased even more.

As a matter of fact

In the purchase decision clothing, the repair cost is average high.

  1. Hit the street, Jack

VermietenSiezulangeLeerlaufzeitenIhrerOldtimer. If a car is used for months without use, it can worsen.

When a car is started up for a long time without being used, its systems can often fail or wait after it resumes.

As a matter of fact

Make sure you take your ride and make it back. This is the most comfortable part about the owners of Oldtimer.


  1. StellenSieregelmäßigeWartungbereit

An oil change line of 3000 miles may not be valid for your vehicle, but it is a good fist rule. However, watch all your vehicle fluids if you are driving an Oldtimer. ÖlwechselindimmerimAuge. Depending on vehicle brand, model age and driving conditions, 3,000 to 7,000 miles will be used.